Holiday Shops.

Holiday shops are  important to your break

When your at home a shopping trip will usually mean getting the car out. Travelling through heavy traffic and then fighting to park . Not surprisingly not everyone looks forward to that. Here in Newquay it is a bit different. For a start you don’t need the car for most of your shopping with most of the major supermarkets within an easy walk from the apartment . Visit our holiday shops and see the difference.

If you don’t want to go to a supermarket for your supplies or you want something special to eat (after all you are on holiday) then we have other options. Asda and Sainsbury will deliver to the apartment. Or you could use Newquay’s own specialist local food supplier Fresh Point .A great way to keep the kitchen well stocked. Fresh Point only have a £10 minimum order for free delivery in our area so This makes them a great option. If you want to see the food before you buy . Ask about provenance or you want advise , then we have plenty of specialists who can offer great Cornish produce.

Not just the necessities

So now we have sorted the needs how about the wants? Holidays are about fun and enjoyment so if you aren’t heading out the front door to the beach then leave by the back to Newquay Town centre. Within a few yards of Crest Courts back gate you will find Karma and Sprout .Walk a couple of minutes further and you are in the middle of Newquay. This is a holiday town with all the atmosphere that you could wish for. Everything you would expect is here in the way of specialist shops. Fudge, Ice Cream, juice bars and cake shops alongside the surf shops and fashion outlets . Its shopping but its lots of fun without the stress of getting there. Check out our holiday shops they can make you smile

Our guides to holiday shops