Food Shopping

Food shopping can be a boring necessity.
If you need to stock up on food for your holiday, then we have most Supermarkets available.
Sainsbury’s, The Whim, Trevena Terrace, Alma Pl, Newquay TR7 1NF
Aldi, Cliff Rd, Newquay TR7 1SW
Asda, Oakleigh Terrace, Newquay TR7 1RN
Lidl, Treloggan Rd, Newquay TR7 2BB
Morrison’s, Treloggan Rd, Newquay TR7 2JQ
Tesco Express, 54-56 East St, Newquay TR7 1BE
If you have just run out of milk, then the nearest place is the Premier Express on Bank St. (Left out of the back gate left again, and it’s on your right)
If you want to put some fun into your shopping and some quality ingredients into your cooking, then read on.

Trevilley Farm Shop


For me, a big part of the enjoyment of any holiday in Cornwall is about eating fantastic Cornish produce. If you feel the same, then this is where you need to be. There is a massive difference between homemade and factory products. Trevilley Farm is where you will taste that difference most. Get here early because the quality of the food here is no secret.
Here they sell homemade pasties, cakes, bread, jam, chutneys, pickles, quiche and many other treats. If you’re cooking, there is plenty of Trevilley Farm-grown meats and vegetables to enhance any meal.
Supermarkets are great places for out-of-season produce. But if you want ethical, flavourful, high-quality food direct from a 100-year-old farm run by 5th-generation farmers who know their trade, then you know where to go.

Trevilley Farm, Lane, TR8 4PX  ( 3 Kilometres )

Tel. 01637 872310

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Mr Fruity

Food Shopping

Mr Fruity is a traditional greengrocery selling high-quality fruit and vegetables. Ask about the travel miles, because whenever possible they will be low. Do not confuse these veg with the ones on sale in supermarkets, these goods have not been up and down the motorway. Chat with the staff to get advice on what is in season locally. Some of the produce has to have some miles on them to have a good range but seek out the Cornish gold, and you won’t be disappointed.

6 Chester Rd, Newquay TR7 2SB

Thanks to Mr Fruity for the images 

Kitchen And Co Traditional Cornish Butchers

butcher 1
Food Shopping

You have come on holiday as a treat to recharge your batteries. The restaurants and cafes in Newquay are great, but if you are a family on a budget, eating out every day isn’t an option. You can still treat yourself to a top-class meal by buying premium quality, local food and cooking it yourself. Get yourself over to Chester Rd, talk to the team at Kitchen and Co and indulge in some first-rate meat. Kitchen and co are old-fashioned butchers, meaning high-quality produce served by professionals who know their trade inside out.

9 Chester Road   TR7 2RT

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Polski Sklep Newquay

Food Shopping

Supermarkets are all very convenient, but if you want something special or need to ask questions. You can’t beat a small local shop run by people who are passionate about their products.
Polski Sklep Newquay is a great example. Specialising in Polish food, you can buy a great selection of vegetables, cooked meats, preserves and cakes here. Food shopping in Newquay can be as varied as you want.
At the time of writing, they have 87 reviews, with everyone being 5-star. That is unusual but reflects the commitment they have to their produce.

6 Tor Road TR7 1RL

Tel.  07715 604390

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The Good Lyfe



If you spend any time in Newquay you will soon realise that it isn’t  just a tourist destination. Newquay has a conscience, especial about the things we are doing to the planet. We all want future generations to be able to enjoy the things we enjoy today.

Shopping at Good Lyfe is one of the ways you can help preserve our world. That may sound overly dramatic but it is the truth. Small changes in how we do our food shopping can make a huge difference when large numbers of people are on board. Do you remember how expensive free range eggs were ? The price has tumbled because we all wanted more ethically produced food.

I will let Jamie and Laura explain more

“The Good Lyfe is a plastic-free, ethical store in Newquay, selling zero-waste dry foods (including rice, pasta, beans, lentils, herbs and spices), refillable laundry and cleaning liquids, and personal care and homeware products. Customers can bring in their own containers (or purchase reusable jars or organic cotton bags), fill them up with the product(s) of their choice – only paying for what they need, and a huge reduction in single-use plastic. We also stock a range of beautiful, ethically sourced home and lifestyle products – enabling customers to be able to shop with a guilt-free conscience.

We want the world to be a fairer, kinder place – for us, for our children, for everyone.”

In 1999 Fair-trade food and drink sales amounted to £22 million in the UK. In 2020 it was £1,899 million Lets drive it forward and expand the scope of ethical shopping . You can make a difference.

We can not provide food containers for hygiene reasons (most are not dishwasher safe) Please try to bring some with you and buy your food packaging free. Milk is the one that will probably save the most plastic.

9 Fore St.  TR7 1HB

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food and drink


We have already spoken about the Sprout in the cafe section, but it deserves another mention in this food shopping section. Apart from them being conveniently placed (just to the left of the back gate), it is a great place to buy your food. Another of Newquay’s ethical shops, they specialise in vegan and healthy foods. Please don’t discount them if you are a carnivore because, with Sprout, there is no compromise on taste. We love the bread and cakes from here, and it’s nice to know they share our views on plastic and ethically produced food.

The Old Print-house, Newquay TR7 1FZ

Tel. 01637 875845

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