Holiday Treats

Some of these holiday treats are really nice and healthy and some are just really nice!

Very occasionally it can rain in Cornwall, it has to to grow the grass for all that Cornish clotted cream. When it does or if you want a break from the sea why not head into town and grab a treat. We often get some cakes or other naughty sweet things and head back to the apartment to recharge ready for the next trip out. 

It’s a holiday, not just any holiday, it’s your holiday, indulge yourself (and don’t forget your dog, its their holiday too)

Newquay Waffle Stop

holiday treats
holiday treats
Offering delicious waffles and crepes with loads of topping combinations to choose from to keep your taste buds happy!
Gluten free AND vegan friendly options available.
Even the fruit heavy waffles and crepes on the menu   can not be described as “healthy options” but they can put a smile on your face and that has to be good for you.
Eat in or takeaway .
48 Fore St  TR7 1LP
Thanks to Newquay Waffle Stop for the images.

The Pet Centre.

pet shop 1
pet shop 2

This is probably the best gift shop in Newquay. Not all holiday treats are for you! Not much in the way of fudge and rock but loads of toys, chews and accessories to keep your best friend happy. After a hard day on the beach when you just want to relax but there is a bundle of excited energy hurtling round the apartment grab a chew or a toy from here. You may not get quiet but a bit of peace should be on the cards.

This is a family run business that has over 35 years of experience with animals; it is well worth taping in to their knowledge base.

28-30 East St. TR7 1BH

Tel. 01637 850900

Thanks to The Pet Centre for the images 



This is a great juice bar. 

Loads of healthy juices if you want guilt free holiday treats. If you just want to indulge then they have some delicious thick milkshakes. All made in front of you so you can see the great ingredients they use.

Frozen yogurts and ice cream available if you can’t find a milkshake you fancy. That is unlikely as the milkshakes are made with Cornish ice-cream and your favourite chocolate bar, cookies or sweets.

Did i mention they do healthy juices ? Surprisingly we haven’t tried them but we are told they are great. Maybe one day.

Open  9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday  10am to 4pm Sunday

 1 Fore St, Newquay TR7 1HB

Tel. 07794 213302

Thanks to Kook for the images.

Freddo`s Ice Cream

holiday treats

As you have walked round Newquay I’m sure you have seen plenty of ice cream shops.

All the big names are here selling good ice cream. If on the other hand you want great ice-cream get into Freddo’s and try this home-made holiday treat. 

They have lots of fabulous flavours, including vegan options,  using lots of local ingredients. Build a sundae in an eco-friendly pot or try the coffee. You can take your ice cream away, sit inside or outside it’s your choice.

Also now serving freshly made sandwiches, toasties, paninis and salads.
Fun, social and utterly delicious. 

63 Bank St TR7 1DL

Thanks to Freddo`s for the images.

Roly's Fudge

holiday treats

If you have walked down Bank St and wondered what the delicious smell was then it was probably Roly’s Fudge. 

You can watch them making the fudge to an old family recipe most days as it’s made in small batches. Lots of traditional flavours and some special editions, even dairy free, make an appearance on the menu.

Open 11am to 5pm Thursday to Sunday

56 Bank St, TR7 1AX

Tel.    01637 877850

Thanks to Roly’s Fudge for the images.


holiday treats

Cornish Clotted Cream Tea or Cornish Saffron Buns are the stuff of legends but sometimes its nice to have a change. If you decide that you fancy something a little different then get yourself over to ChouKette.

Samantha and Benjamin are accomplished pastry chefs with over 10 years experience in the industry gained working for prestigious companies in France and around the world.

Macaroons, Mille Feuille, Crepes , cinnamon rolls, pastries or a Cruffin these aren’t the sort of cakes you get in a supermarket these are the real thing.

If you want something even more special for family celebration or even a wedding then you are in the right place.

Open 10am to 3pm Tuesday to Saturday and 10.30am to 2pm Sunday

Tel. 01637 871939

52 Bank Street TR7 1AX

Thanks to ChouKette for the images

The Cornish Sweet Shop

holiday treats

The Cornish Sweet shop in Newquay has been here for over 30yrs, it has a huge range of over 180 jars of traditional sweets. They also sell Biscuits, fudge, nougat, peanut brittle and chocolates, have party bags and sweet hampers they even have a sugar free range.

Its been a tradition for generations to “bring a stick of rock back” for those who couldn’t come with you on holiday. This is where you can continue the tradition with new twists. Or this could be one of your holiday treats. An old fashioned sweet shop with a bright modern feel .

53 Bank St  TR7 1DL

Thanks to The Cornish Sweet Shop for the images.