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If you’re not accustomed to spending time by the sea or typically vacation in the Mediterranean, you may be surprised to learn that the tides fluctuate multiple times a day. This means that if you plan to relax on the beach, you might find it submerged when the tide rolls in. Likewise, a path you walked along earlier may disappear once the tide comes in, making your return journey a bit more challenging.

To avoid any inconveniences and to ensure your safety, we highly recommend consulting the tide tables before heading out for your day’s activities. This simple step can help you plan your beach time or coastal walks accordingly. By being aware of the tide times, you can prevent getting stranded and keep the local Lifeboat crew free to focus on other important tasks during the busy summer months.

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Tide times

26 May 2024

Time Type Height
01:38 low 1.07m
07:33 high 6.36m
13:55 low 1.2m
19:52 high 6.46m

27 May 2024

Time Type Height
02:20 low 1.18m
08:15 high 6.21m
14:37 low 1.38m
20:37 high 6.31m

28 May 2024

Time Type Height
03:07 low 1.34m
09:03 high 6m
15:25 low 1.59m
21:29 high 6.11m

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