Food And Drink

Top-quality food and drink help make a good holiday great. A nice meal can improve your mood for the rest of the day. Which means your next activity will be much more enjoyable. Always an important consideration, and it takes some serious thought. You do not want to be serious on holiday. We think that in this section of our guide, we cover it, so you do not need to worry.

One of the main advantages of a self-catering holiday in Newquay is that you are not committed to any particular meal time or venue. This means that the fun does not have to stop at a pre-arranged time for you to return to a hotel for dinner. It also gives you far more variety. In Newquay, we have Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Belgian and Azerbaijani… the list goes on. We are a bit spoilt for choice here. The decision is yours, but we are sure you will find some great restaurants. 

 Dog-Friendly Options.

This is not a comprehensive list of food and drink choices because, in Newquay, we have far too many to list. We do think you will approve of our choices. If you come up with an alternative please let us know. We will try to include any you suggest in our next update. We are especially interested in those places that not only allow dogs in but also cater for them. If there is a bowl of water at the front door or a full doggy meal then we would like to know. All suggestions will be investigated fully by Mr Pringle.

Your evening entertainment is equally important. Do you want to dance all night or sip cocktails in a quiet bar? Is it a local’s pub your looking for or a live music venue? Our guide will help you decide which way you need to head.

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