Take Away

We have lots of options for takeaways in Newquay we have included a few of our favorites on this page. If any of our guests want to suggest their favorites we will be happy to check them out. 

The Boathouse ---Street food

As the name suggests, Harbour Street Food Market is a relaxed street food market and bar on the beach in Newquay Harbour. It hosts local traders serving fresh Cornish seafood and global dishes. Visitors can also enjoy sweet treats, ice creams, and barista coffee from the dessert traders.
The bar offers Cornish lager, cider, ale, a global wine menu, premium spirits, and soft drinks. For those looking for sophisticated drinks, then Sunny & Beau Cocktail Bar serves artisan cocktails.
No bookings are required; join them for a laid-back culinary experience by the sea!

South Quay Hill, Newquay, United Kingdom

Zamans -- Indian

Experience high-quality cuisine at Zamans, where Head Chef Mo, the BCA Chef of the Year for the South West, crafts exceptional dishes. Zamans has also earned TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award for 2020, a testament to their excellence.
Their staff provide personable and professional service, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience. The diverse menu features your favourite curries, baltis, authentic specialities, and some unique offerings for adventurous Eastern food enthusiasts. Special dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan options, are expertly catered to.
Choose Zamans for a fresh and flavorful takeaway experience in Newquay.

142 Henver Road, Newquay, TR7 3EQ

Tel. 01637 871010

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Sushea -- Sushi

Take away food in Newquay

Sushea (pronounced su-shay) brings fresh Australian-style sushi and Asian fusion dishes, including bao buns, gyozas, and poke bowls, to Newquay.
Their mission is to provide exceptional food and service for everyone to enjoy, offering a healthy alternative to fast food that can be grabbed on the go or pre-ordered online.
Sushea is committed to an environmentally focused ethos, with a deep love for food, the land, the oceans, and all living creatures. They strive to offer nutritious meals using local products whenever possible.

82 Fore Street, Newquay

Tel. 07376 770505

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Sawai Thai -- Thai

Sawai Thai is a charming, family-run Thai takeaway in Newquay, offering mouth-watering homemade dishes for pick-up or delivery. Using only the freshest ingredients, they craft authentic Thai flavours that delight the taste buds. With a wide range of dishes, including salads, curries, stir-fries, soups, noodles, and rice dishes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Each dish is freshly prepared, so please allow about an hour for your order. Generous portion sizes ensure you’ll be well satisfied. Discover the taste of Thailand in Newquay with Sawai Thai!

61-63 Tower Road, Newquay

Tel. 01637 879399

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Flounders -- Fish and chips

If you’re in Newquay craving the quintessential British fish and chips, look no further than Flounders Fish and Chip Shop. This family-run establishment has been serving locals and visitors for 16 years—an impressive feat that speaks volumes about its quality and consistency.
Every time we’re in Newquay, Flounders is a must-visit. Their fish and chips are exceptional, but the real surprise is their Holland’s steak and kidney pudding—a true delicacy from Lancashire that sets them apart. This unique offering adds a delightful twist to the traditional fish and chip shop menu.
One of Flounders’ standout features is their Sunday hours. It’s rare to find a fish and chip shop open on Sundays, making Flounders a convenient choice for weekend cravings. Plus, they offer the option to order online for a timed pickup slot, ensuring you get your meal fresh and hot without the wait.
Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Flounders Fish and Chip Shop is a Newquay treasure you won’t want to miss.

15 East Street, Newquay

Tel. 01637 854858

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Gridl, The Cornish Breakfast Co. -- Breakfast

GRIDL’s menu features Full Cornish Breakfasts, Breakfast Wraps, Breakfast Bagels, and Breakfast Brioches. They also offer mobile barista coffee and Cornish tea to kickstart your morning.
GRIDL uses only premium, fresh ingredients, cooked to order every time. The only frozen item is hash browns, and the only hot-held item is their delicious stewed baked beans.
Customers can order online and collect their takeaway breakfast at a convenient time, enjoying amazing food and friendly service.
GRIDL is environmentally conscious. Their breakfast boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, designed to keep your food hot and fresh.

Bookers Newquay Car Park, Treloggan Road, Newquay

Tel. 07778 694680

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Pizza Box -- Pizza

The Pizza Box, a small independent pizza place in Newquay established in the summer of 2017, serves freshly made food from scratch. Their menu includes pizzas, paninis, sides, and desserts, all prepared in-house. Ingredients, like smoked garlic and house chicken, are prepared from scratch, with unique elements like Sichuan and African bird’s eye chilli oils. Pizza sauces feature classic and unique ingredients, such as mango puree and Italian tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius.
The dough is cold fermented for 24 hours, resulting in a rich, savoury flavour and an easily digestible, soft base. Pizzas are hand-stretched, baked on a ceramic stone in a 400-degree oven, and finished with homemade sauces and toppings.
House specials offer unique flavour fusions, including Chicken Mango pizza. Weekly specials feature creative toppings like homemade kebab meat, tandoori chicken, and creamy wild mushrooms with porcini, chanterelles, and white wine.

Unit 7, Prow Park, Treloggan Ind Est, Newquay

Tel. 07541 905080

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Herd -- Burgers

Craving Next-Level Cheeseburgers?

Look no further! This takeaway food outlet specializes in cheeseburgers that are all about flavour and simplicity. They are committed to using the highest quality ingredients to create cheeseburgers that stand out from anything you have ever tasted.

With a team of real foodies boasting years of fine dining experience, developing this menu has been a labour of love. The result? A cheeseburger that’s not only delicious but also fun! This outlet believes that food should be enjoyable for everyone—customers and staff alike.

Their menu is daringly simple, letting the ingredients take centre stage. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan, or need a gluten-free option, they’ve got something for you.

Ready for a cheeseburger experience like no other? Come on down and taste the difference today!

49 Fore Street , Newquay

Tel. 01637 520019

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Poco Loco -- Mexican

Poco Loco uses only the highest quality ingredients for their burritos, sourcing free-range pork and chicken locally and using grain-fed cattle for their beef. Their commitment to premium ingredients is evident in every bite.
The meats are smoked low and slow overnight for up to 16 hours over a blend of oak and mesquite wood. Even their vegan and veggie options spend plenty of time in the smoker, soaking up the flavour. This slow-cooking method ensures rich and savoury flavours in every bite.
Dedicated to serving the freshest and most flavourful burritos, Poco Loco cooks everything fresh daily and never reheats their food. They make everything in-house with the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure every bite bursts with flavour and quality.
Poco Loco takes their sauces seriously, crafting all of them in-house using unique recipes. From sweet blackberry chipotle to cool chimichurri ranch, each sauce is expertly made to perfectly complement their slow-cooked meat and vegetarian options, elevating your burrito experience.

Unit 10 Block C Prow Park

Tel. 01841 531607

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