Indoor Activities

Stay Local

“Indoor activities” It sounds like the holiday isn’t going well and the rain has kept you in. You can stay in the apartment and play games, we have left some for you , or get out and have fun. Newquay is an all weather and all season resort so there is plenty to do. The main decision is are we walking or driving. We have given you a few options that should cover all age groups and tastes.

Trenance Gardens is one of the local options with fun pool, indoor tennis and trampolines amongst other choices. Grab the Land Train from the top of the back road so you don’t have to walk in the rain. Pirates can be fun or a local museum . Have you looked out the front door? That blue building in front of you is great.

Travel to your fun

Cornwall is a major tourist destination for a reason. Its not just about the sea and the clotted cream. The Cornish have a rich heritage that you can explore through a whole range of museums and historic sites. Cornwall is justly famous for the artists it has attracted and we have plenty of galleries and exhibitions for you to visit. Cant interest the kids in culture? No problem it is a holiday after all . Head for one of the amusement parks that have all weather facilities. Want to mix fun and education ? How about The Eden Project?

You can stay in the apartment and eat cream teas if you want ,we have done that often enough, but there are many other indoor activities you can try.

Our guides to indoor activities 

Click on one of the  buttons above to see some of the options that are open to you . We have only put a few in but if you think we have missed your favourite please let us know and we will see about including it.